Sylt 1700 mm

Drop-in Straight Bath

The bath is made of a glossy smooth Perspex sheet, which is of the same material throughout the sheet.

All our baths have at least a 3mm super-wood board, re-enforcing the bottom of the bath.
The baths are then strengthen with a complex mix of resin and fiberglass, to give the customer an end product which has longevity and lasting strength. Even though the baths are an attractive price.
The larger weight of our 1700 baths is our quality assurance that the customer is getting a value for money. The baths are durable and long wearing if cared for.
The baths have a high gloss surface, which will not stain, rust or corrode. But the bath still has to be cared for in the recommended manner. Perspex is warm to the touch, this mean it is a good insulator of heat. The hot water retains it heat better, which in turn lowers the electricity bills.
Perspex bath may be repaired, if it has minor scratches or cracks as the colour right through the material. This also means that the baths should not wear away or flake off. Perspex is versatile and can be formed into a variety of shapes and designs.
All our baths except for the free-standing baths can be converted into a spa bath, with chrome jets and also a heater if required.
Baths must be cleaned with a non-corrosive (it may disintegrate the bath) and non-abrasive bath cleaner. Please do not put any heavy products in the bath.
If the bath has light scratches, firstly check if the thin cladding covering the bath has been removed, sometimes this makes the bath look like it has a scratch.It is normally possible to remove light scratches by sanding them out with 1200 grit water paper. Finish them off by using Brasso and a soft cloth to bring up the natural gloss. Please ensure that the Brasso is not old.
If the bath has deep scratches, chips or burn marks it is possible to fix this by getting a bath repair kit from the store where you purchased the bath.
The baths have a 5-year warranty of the Perspex. The piece has reduced carbon footprint if sold in South Africa as it is manufactured in the country. This will also ensure that all queries are resolved promptly and there is a continuity of supply.

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Product Code 415-01
Width 744 mm
Length 1705 mm
Height 410 mm
Available Colours