Corporate Social Investment(“CSI”) in our Local Communities

The Group supports South Africa’s B-BBEE (Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment) programme, which promotes the social and economic development of previously disadvantaged individuals. Our CSI strategy takes into account the outcomes required by the revised Department of Trade and Industry B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice (2017), our brand objectives and transformation goals.

Most importantly, we strive to support and engage with our local communities. We’ve forged strong partnerships with community groups, youth and women’s organisations, schools and tertiary institutions, municipalities, and small- and medium-sized businesses.

Below are some of our CSI Projects.

Adopt a School

In 2015, Ceramic adopted a community high school Mahareng Secondary School close to our Vereeniging factory. Since then we have sponsored and managed various programmes for both learners and teachers, aimed at creating an empowering learning environment. In March 2018, we launched a state-of-the-art science laboratory for the school. This purpose-built facility is designed to support and inspire learners and teachers.

Annual Grade 12 Information Sharing Day

International Mandela Day is an important event on our annual calendar, and the day on which we hold our Information Sharing Day for local high schools. The programme, introduced in 2016, includes educational sessions for learners regarding the career and skills development opportunities in our company. This initiative is managed by our employees in partnership with key stakeholders in the education sector. To date, the programme has directly benefited more than 300 learners from local high schools.

Mobile Science Laboratories

Ceramic sponsors five mobile laboratories at under-serviced schools in Hammanskraal, Gauteng. These labs are managed by the Technology Research Activity Centre (TRAC) South Africa, a national non-profit organisation associated with the University of Stellenbosch. Our science labs are designed to encourage young people to consider and prepare for careers in science, engineering and technology.

Early Childhood Development Tiling Project

Crèches and nursery schools play a vital role in the early development of children, and safe,hygienic conditions of these facilities are essential to the children’s well-being. Each year Ceramic donates tiles to crèches in the communities surrounding our factories, providing washable, hygienic surfaces of the highest standard.

Dream Leagues

Team sports and physical activity not only provide hours of fun for young children, they can also contribute to improved academic performance. Through the Dreamfields organisation, Ceramic supports a total of 28 primary schools in Vereeniging, Hammanskraal and Krugersdorp, sponsoring football and netball equipment and teacher coaching. The DreamLeagues programme brings together thousands of children every week, ensuring that sport and physical activity are a regular part of their school experience.

Employee Community Involvement Programme

We are deeply connected to the communities that surround our factories and quarries, and we continue to build on our commitment to making a meaningful difference in these areas. Our Employee Community Investment (ECI) programme draws on the rich collective resources of our employees and encourages them to volunteer their services as a means of strengthening the communities in which we operate.


Our Culture And Stakeholders

We are committed to business practices and ethical behaviour of the highest standards. This extends to fulfilling our responsibilities to the communities we serve and to the creation of long-term value for all stakeholders, on a socially and environmentally sustainable basis.

Supplier Development

We’re a Proudly South African company, committed to our corporate responsibilities within our local communities. As part of our business model, we support Supplier Development in line with the recently amended B-BBEE codes. We aim to support local black-owned businesses, assisting them to build sustainable operations that will create jobs and ultimately supply factories beyond our own.


Latest Developments

Business Incubation Centre

Ceramic will soon be launching our Business Incubation Centre in Vereeniging. This ground-breaking endeavour is designed to identify and nurture high-potential individuals who are planning to start a new business, or need help growing an existing business. The incubation model is aimed at supporting emerging black businesses, in particular, through a programme that helps develop them into independent, viable operations. It will cater for individuals who recognise the importance of upskilling themselves before venturing out into the challenging environment of entrepreneurship.

For more information on our Corporate Social Investment and Supplier Development programmes, contact:

Tabisa Ngubo    016 930 3600