Ceramic Industries

  1. Gryphon Factory Unveiling

    Gryphon Factory Launch. Gryphon Factory Operational.

  2. 40 Years of Excellence

    Ceramic Industries Celebrates 40 Years of Excellence.

  3. New Project

    Gryphon Project Started. Site Levelled.

  4. Italtile aquires Ceramics

    Italtile acquires 20% of Ceramic Industries. Ceramic Industries is delisted on the JSE

  5. Eezee Tile

    10% Issued Shares Capital to BEE Partners Acquired Shares in Eezee Tile

  6. Sphinx factory

    Acquisition of Sphinx. Registered office and support center move into new building at Clay Quarry

  7. Pegasus factory

    Pegasus Factory Operational

  8. NCI Tiles

    Closure of NCI Tiles

  9. Ceramic Industries was formed

    Ceramic Industries was formed, resulting from the separation of manufacturing operations from commercial activities of Italtile. Ceramic Industries listed on JSE

  10. NCI Tiles

    Acquisition of NCI Tiles