Code of Ethics

Mission and vision

Ceramic recognises that maintaining high ethical standards is essential to the long-term economic success of the group. Our policies set the standards by which we conduct business and provide the framework for the conduct expected of all employees and all external persons who affiliate themselves with our company. Our policy is intended to meet minimum legal requirements, as well as set out our company values. Ceramic recognises that it requires the strength of the individual to differentiate between right and wrong. We expect all employees and suppliers to demonstrate high levels of integrity, professionalism and performance in their work.

Ceramic Industries will conduct business around the values of Excellence, Integrity, Human Dignity and Fairness.

The key principles of business conduct which employees and affiliated parties are expected to adhere include:

  • Compliance with applicable laws.
  • Business loyalty.
  • Observance of high ethical standards.
  • Act in the interests of the company.

Discrimination and harassment

The company undertakes to support and fully comply with all labour and constitutional legislation that governs discrimination and harassment in employment, and expects everyone associated with Ceramic to do the same.

Environmental health and safety

The company will protect people and the environment by compliance with local regulations and Ceramic’s standards. This principle is fundamental to our success.


All employees and our associates have the right to speak out on issues of concern to the general public. Unethical conduct or illegal behaviour should be reported on the Whistle-Blowers Tip-Off Line on 0801 111 663.


Reporting a violation of Ceramic’s Code of Ethics Policy to the CEO is mandatory. Good-faith reporting will be treated with courtesy and discretion.