To those who know them, Ceramic Industries have always been the ‘creators of style’. Now more and more customers and homeowners are learning about the brand’s dedication to design and innovation, which spans four decades.

Natural strength – inspired design

Tame the continent’s wild beauty. AfriPorcelain takes its inspiration from the rugged splendour of the African outdoors and, with natural stone and wood finishes, captures its grandeur in porcelain for your home or office.

Wall by design

A range of finely produced tiles that makes it perfectly acceptable to stare at the wall. Refined designs, crisp colour reproduction, stringent quality control and superior glazes bring your walls to life.

Hard-wearing elegance

Have the very best at your feet. Equally comfortable in the most elegant of settings and in high-traffic areas like commercial spaces, InfiniTec tiles are manufactured with the latest environmentally responsible technology.

A new dimension in style

Open up to the possibilities that large-format tiles offer. MegaTec tiles allow for a clean, unbroken look with fewer grouting lines. They give contemporary design a generous canvas, and are a good choice for replicating the beauty of natural stone and the modern edge of screeded floors.

Where perfection meets fashion

The Square² range of rectified tiles are uniform in size and perfectly square, allowing a fashionable, near-seamless look to be achieved.

Made for a modern lifestyle

Bring all the energy and originality of the world’s most creative cities into your home. The MetroTec range is constantly renewed with fashion-forward designs and finishes that reflect the urban and the now.

Where style begins

Find a style that fits your lifestyle from a range that’s high-quality, high-tech and highly attractive. Produced with superior manufacturing techniques and laser inkjet printing for high-definition designs in a vast array of options.