Evoka Charcoal Slip Resistant

600 x 600 mm

The new Evoka range, available in both 800 x 800 and 600 x 600 sizes is a brand-new cement fusion that lives up to its name. It evokes cool cement screed flooring that has been distressed and the rough surface of stone eroded by time. This beautiful and contemporary design is ideal to create urban, chic interiors.
Product Code AEVA810A
Size 600 x 600 mm
Height 9 mm
Grouting Gap 3 mm
Pallet Height 730 mm
Pallet Length 1120 mm
Pallet Width 1120 mm
Tiles Per Box 5
Weight Per Pallet 1250 Kg
Tiles Per Square Meter 2.780
Square Meters Per Box 1.800
Weight Per Box 34.722 Kg
Boxes Per Pallet 36
Square Meters Per Pallet 64.800
Weight Per M2 19.290 Kg
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